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The West Indian American Day Carnival 2017 Celebrates 50

The West Indian American Day Carnival has reached a golden milestone this year, celebrating 50 years of promoting Caribbean culture and parading colorful costumes in New York. The theme for this year’s Carnival Week was “From a Dream to a Legacy”

The 5-day festival begins at the Brooklyn Museum grounds from Thursday before Labor Day through the weekend and culminates in a spectacular New York Carnival Parade on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, New York.

Carnival: Was originally established on Lenox Avenue in Harlem by Ms. Jessie Wardell and friends in the mid-1940’s. Rufus Gorin, a costume maker, brought Carnival to Brooklyn in 1964. Gorin’s friend, Carlos Lezama, took over from Gorin and firmly established Carnival in Brooklyn in 1967. Lezama is widely credited as the Father of Brooklyn’s Carnival. Their collective legacy lives on today as the organization continues to preserve the core values of institutional transference of information, cultural pride and preservation, diversity, inclusivity and intergenerational leadership. Today those values still remains the focal point for WIADCA, while bringing together over 1.5 million visitors to New York from around the world to participate in the annual West Indian Carnival Parade on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn on Labor Day.

Legendary Reggae Artist Frankie Dancehall Paul Dead At 52.

Paul Blake (1965 - 2017), better known as Frankie Paul, was a Jamaican dancehall reggae artist.

Born blind, he has been dubbed by some 'The Jamaican Stevie Wonder'. 

Paul was born blind but as a child had his sight partially restored by an operation on a hospital ship.

He sang for, and impressed Stevie Wonder when Wonder visited the school that Paul attended in Jamaica, prompting him to pursue a singing career and later adopted the stage name Frankie Paul.

He was a talented multi-instrumentalist with a tremendous vocal range and first found fame in the early 1980s. He was also extraordinarily prolific; part of the first wave of dancehall artists that recorded during the early '80s, and has since flooded the market with his product, releasing countless singles and well over 30 albums.

Some of his hit singles are "Tidal Wave, Worries In The dance, Alesha, Cassanova, Sara, Fire Deh a Mus Mus Tail, Pass the Ku-Sheng Peng and many more".

Frankie Paul died May, 18, 2017 at the University Hospital of the West Indies in Jamaica after a battle with kidney disease. He will be missed but his music will live on. RIP.